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Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich: In Performance (Mats Bergström)

Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich, performed by Mats Bergström

Electric Counterpoint (1987) was commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival for guitarist Pat Metheny. It was composed during the summer of 1987. The duration is about 15 minutes. It is the third in a series of pieces all dealing with a soloist playing against a pre-recorded tape of themselves. In Electric Counterpoint the soloist pre-records as many as 10 guitars and 2 electric bass parts and then plays the final 11th guitar part live against the tape.

Electric Counterpoint is in three movements; fast, slow, fast, played one after the other without pause.

  1. Fast - 00:14
  2. Slow - 07:01
  3. Fast - 10:23

This performance with Mats Bergström was performed and recorded as part of London Sinfonietta’s Steve Reich’s Clapping Music App project.

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